About Us:

  • Birth: November of 2008
  • Hood: Montreal, QC (Canada)
  • Bauss: Amanda Di Genova
  • Website: www.amandadigenova.com
  • Elektrek Clothing was founded in 2008 by Amanda Di Genova an illustrator/t-shirt enthusiast based in Montreal, Qc. The overall idea behind Elektrek was to create and wear art inspired by the city, pop culture and anything that interests us. We wanted the brand to depict inspired routes and styles that we enjoyed most about streetwear. There's no theme played rules here. Each launched design is a surprise, even for us!

    As of now the brand currently manages everything from design to print. We believe this method creates a personal experience for our clients and us. That being said we officially opened up Elektrek's print/design studio in 09' which led to many artistic collaborations. We take pride in what we do, and feel that our passion to create & manage in house has enabled us to grow closely with our brand on a whole other level.